By Will Torres, fitness expert and owner of willspace

Most people go to the gym and either do cardio or weight lifting on any given day — not both. When your workouts become predictable, the body subconsciously sets a pace for the workout. This type of cruise control keeps you from getting optimal results from your workout. The body hits a plateau; If you always run or cycle at the same pace your body becomes efficient at that pace and it no longer yields the same results it did in the beginning.

One of the best ways to get fit quick is through variety and intensity. When we train clients at willspace, we increase intensity through “hybrid” movements that challenge multiple areas of the body all at once. For example, a Plank Row challenges the core muscles while strengthening the arms, back and shoulders all in one power packed move. A movement like this stimulates so many areas of the body that it creates a larger spike in metabolism.

One of the fastest ways to lean-up and see results quickly is to combine cardio with strength in a short, fat scorching combo. This helps boost metabolism up to 10 times more than doing cardio and lifting weights separately. Below are a few moves from our “Raise the Bar” program, which we developed to literally “raise the bar’ on your body and health all in 30 days, similar to intense workouts celebrities do to get in shape for a film or appearance.

Perform each combo as fast as possible. Breaks are not timed and only taken when needed — keep them as short as possible. The idea is to keep moving and complete the combo in the shortest time possible. Your breathing should be heaving, muscles burning and dripping sweat.


A. Plank Rows (Best with 7.5-10lb dumbbells)
• Begin in a high plank position, arms and legs straight with feet hip width apart and arms close together.
• Push down through the left arm to engage a strong foundation and pull the dumbbell off the ground with the right hand bringing it in towards your armpit.
• Pause at the top and then lower the right arm down.
• Repeat on the other side and do 20 reps in total.

B. Scorpion:
• Start in a downward dog with right knee bent and leg curled up toward the ceiling. Keep the knee even with the hip or higher.
• Walk hands out in front of you, maintaining your leg position as your move toward a plank.
• Walk your hands back to a downward dog, repeat 10 times, then switch legs.

C. Inchworm with Push-up:
• Stand tall with shoulders back. Hinge forward at the hips, keeping legs as straight as possible.
• While keeping your legs straight, walk your hands out to a plank position and do a push-up.
• Keeping core tight, walk your legs up toward your hands. Right before you get to the point where your knees bend, push your heels into the ground and walk the hands back out.
• Repeat the move 10 times.

D. Leap Squats:
• Start with feet shoulder width apart.
• Complete 3 squats: 2 normal squats, and on the third squat, as you straighten the legs, leap forward with both feet as far as you can.
• Land with knees bent in a squat position.
• Repeat sequence 10 times.

Once you get the moves down, here’s how to incorporate them into one entire heart-pounding workout:

Workout 1:
-Start with a 250 meter row on a rowing machine.
-10 Leap squats
-10 Inch worm push-ups
-Repeat 4 times

Workout 2:
-Start with a 1 mile run.
-20 Plank rows (10 each side)
-20 Scorpions (10 each side)
-Repeat 3 times