Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões Via

Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

Not feeling as happy as you’d like to? Spa Week’s Empowered Living Expert, Patricia Moreno, gave us three great ideas to try in order to make 2013 your happiest year ever! Here’s her expert advice:

 Tip #1: Read a Good Bedtime Story

You are what you think about all day long.  If you are not someone who likes to read, try audio books.  Reading inspiring autobiographies, spiritual texts, self-improvement books, poems, great literature or even children’s stories opens your mind to think in new ways, see new things, expand your awareness and feel inspired. I find that even reading a book to my daughter before she goes to sleep leaves me thinking magical thoughts as I go off to slumber land.

Tip #2: Make a Playlist You Love

Who says exercise has to be on a bike, in a gym or wearing spandex? Try something new; make a playlist of all your favorite groovy tunes! Turn off your phone and free style until you drop! Not only does dancing and music lift your mood, free styling and simply moving your body spontaneously and without judgment can set your mind free from the all too common self-criticizing inner voice that is a big party pooper.

Tip #3: Learn Something New

Have you taken a dance, tennis or swimming lesson recently?  When you combine your exercise with learning a new skill you get double the points.  Learning new activities takes more energy because you burn more calories when you are not efficient at the movement. It is also fun to see yourself progress and improve. It shifts your focus from trying to lose weight, to investing in your new skill. Another great thing about learning something new: you exercise your brain which improves memory! When you stop focusing on the fat you want to burn and start focusing on the skill you want to learn, you will see how much more enthusiastic and willing you are to keep moving!