Take Yourself on a Date Michelle Joni

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” –Oscar Wilde

Too often we forget. We forget what incredible company we can be for ourselves. We forget to carve out time in our days to nurture that most intimate relationship.

A day, even an hour at the spa is the official, incomparable Spa Week way to give yourself the gift of self-indulgent ME-time. A ninety minute massage, a paraffin pedicure, a hydrating facial… but what if it didn’t stop there? What if you carried that sensational gust of introspection down the street to your favorite restaurant? What if you took that solo relaxation out dancing on a Saturday night? It’s time to find romance, and it’s time to find it with the person that matters most: YOU.

I had to try it. I took myself out on a hot date last Saturday night… and it was one of the most fun and empowering nights of my entire life! I encourage everyone to try it. Push past the unease of requesting a table for one. Stay confident twirling into a bar where you know nobody. The best thing I learned was how amazed people are to learn you are out by yourself, treating yourself, bonding with yourself, and how instantly they think you’re the coolest person they’ve ever met.

“To date oneself is the beginning of a lifelong party.” –Michelle Joni 

Enter… Spa, Eat, Party, Repeat – East Village, NYC Edition:

 Block out your calendar for the next Saturday night you have free… and get ready to fall madly in love.

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