Mr. Christian Courtin-Clarins is a charming Frenchman. I recently had the pleasure of meeting him at the Clarins offices in New York City. I expected a few words about the brand’s newest Double Serum, but what I got was a much deeper (and more interesting) history.

Mr. Courtin-Clarins’ father (who founded Clarins) launched the first retail products in the ’60s. The brand is, and always has been, known for using plant extracts. “The first product used plant extracts instead of chemicals, ” Mr. Courtin-Clarins explained, because “With plants, the effects were known.”

The brand continued to research herbs and extracts, even developing their own exclusive botanical ingredients. By the mid-80s, Clarins launched an anti-aging product duo of two serums, hence the name Double Serum.

The Master Plan: As Mr. Courtin-Clarins told us, his father wanted to put all of the best anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating ingredients into one product. But the Clarins chemists had an issue with that: those ingredients were all either water or oil soluble, and had to be packaged accordingly (as in, separately). To put them all in the same bottle would be impossible.

The brand continued to tinker with the formula and packaging, perfecting the combination of ingredients used — but it wasn’t until 2012 that the brand finally discovered a bottling solution to make the two products to become one. The breakthrough: Using a dual-chambered bottle and hydrolipidic delivery system

The hydric and lipidic formulas, respectively, are kept in separate chambers, but one pump releases equal amounts of both into your palm. Then, you simply swirl them together and press them onto your skin, where they can be instantly absorbed. Mixing the two formulas immediately upon application allows the ingredients to be kept fresh and efficient. And, finally, in the same bottle.

Have you swirled and pressed your way to better skin with Double Serum? Let us know how you like it — or what your personal favorite product from the brand is.