Photo By Jeff Kubina Via

Photo By Jeff Kubina

As a follow up to our popular healthy baking ingredient swaps post, here’s one that’s all about food. Eating healthy all the time can be hard.  But it’s possible to save a lot in the way of calories and fat (without sacrificing flavor!) by using some of these simple, healthy recipe substitutions.

Instead of: Mayo
Use: Non-fat Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt provides the same creamy consistency as mayonnaise, without loading on the fat. It’s a perfect substitution to make something like chicken or egg salad more heart-healthy.

Try it! Family Foodie’s Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Instead of: Ground Beef
Use: Ground Turkey
Ground turkey (another good option: ground chicken!) can be found at 98% fat-free, and is one of the leanest proteins around. Add an array of spices and you won’t even be able to tell it’s not beef!

Try it! Gluten-Free Goddess’ Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Instead of: Rice
Use: Quinoa
Quinoa has the same sticky, grainy consistency as rice with even more flavor packed in.  This is one “super food” thats worth your while – it will help load protein and fiber into your diet easily!

Try it! Steamy Kitchen’s Quinoa Fried Rice


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