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The view from my morning meditation at Dashama’s place

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of spending the past few days in Dashama’s world. With a skilled and graceful way of hopping around town making people smile and cutting business deals all at the same time, this beautiful and bubbly healthy lifestyle guru (named Yogini of The Year by New Life Magazine!) is bursting with ideas in motion.

avalon organics lavenderSpa kidnapping in full effect! I’ve taken Dashama to some of the best spas in Miami, and in turn, she has let me in on her some of her secret gems – from favorite beaches (South Pointe) to the best juice bar in town (Juice and Java). When you’re staying with a guru of any sort, always pay attention to the details. Observe the things that make them happy, learn from the things they do to stay productive and creative, and take note of how they pamper their five senses. For example, I’m obsessed with Dashama’s lotion, the Avalon Organics in Lavender. It’s very spa-ish and soothing, and I will definitely be getting that when I get home.

You can bet that when you’re staying with a yogi, you’ll also learn about delicious super foods, endless exotic extracts and the trendiest organic substances on the market right now. You will make smoothies with chia and raw cacao, and you will take pictures of it all to remember what to buy when you get home. Or maybe, you’ll video it.

My first morning at Casa de Dashama I had a particularly blissful meditation on her wraparound balcony, and then when I came inside, and breakfast was served, along with the lowdown on all its amazing nutritional benefits:


Barlean’s Fish Oil, a wellness essential for your poshest and healthiest fridge yet. Stay tuned for more of my wellness adventures with Dashama, this is just the beginning!

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