Our Director of Digital Marketing has brought us some amazing programs, like MyWellness Rewards. But she also really brings it in the advice department; having worked in the spa business for years, she’s picked up some very handy tricks.

In our office, Niki is known as the girl who had the most radiant wedding glow we’ve ever seen (evidence to the right). And lucky for us (especially me, since I’m getting married in two months!) she’s sharing all the tricks she did in preparation for her big day.

The secret? Microdermabrasion facials, followed by a glycolic peel, followed by Radiancy LHE Microphototherapy. “I did them once a month for about 3 months before the wedding and my skin was absolutely perfect,” says Niki.

Microdermabrasion refines skin at the surface, while glycolic peels help shed those dead/wrinkled layers and tighten pores. Finally, photo therapy helps regenerate cells for your freshest, most poreless appearance yet. Each of these procedures could cost as much as $150 alone, but here’s a way to save a little money: Book them during Spa Week and spend $150 total for all three– thanks to the $50 price tag on every spa treatment during the event.

There are tons of microdermabrasion, peel, and photo facial deals, so if you’ve got a big day coming up (or just want amazing skin) head to SpaWeek.com and search for a spa near you.