What do cake, vacations and life have in common?

They’re all amazing on your own, but even better sharing with a friend.

Same goes for spas. It’s amazing to have a ME-day, but there’s nothing quite like being able to share in the wellness lifestyle with someone you love. That’s where our MyWellness Rewards program comes in! This free program lets you earn points to redeem on spa services and goodies, and now through April 30th, we’re encouraging you to sign up with a friend. ONE MyWellness Rewards member will be selected at random to win 1000 bonus points, plus a spa day for two! So if you signed up already, send your friends here to sign up. Still not a member? Hurry and join now! Keep reading on for a little more inspiration on why this is so important.

Watching a friend go through a positive transformation is quite astounding, especially when you’re one of the catalysts. A trip to the spa can kickstart a spiritual awakening or introduce someone to a new healing method. Or even simpler… spa-ing with a friend creates a memory that will last forever.

When my old friend Foo Foo starting getting down in the dumps, I knew there was only one thing to do…

Foo Foo the spa bear