Now that we’re into the third month of the year, how are those weight loss resolutions going? Remember that whole thing we said we’d do back when the ball was dropping? Well, if you dropped the ball on your diet plan, you’re not alone.

According to Statistic Brain, 75% of resolution-makers last through the first week of the January. As for those who will make it to the 6-month mark? Just 46% of people keep their resolutions by the time June hits. Since you’ve still got months to get back on track, do it! Follow our tips to make sure you stick to your goals and find success in 2013:

Rely on support from others

Why go at it alone when there are so many supportive people all around you? Tell family, friends, co-workers, your dog – really whoever, about your goals. They will in turn help keep you in check when you are veering off path, and you can do the same for them!

Remember that no one – not even you – is perfect

Expecting yourself never to slip-up will just make it that much more tempting to quit altogether when you inevitably do. When you know that you won’t always be able to do exactly what you think is right – but are able to pick up the pieces afterwards and keep going – that’s a major step in the right direction!

Make a plan

Would you send your military out into battle unarmed? We don’t think so. Always be prepared! Setting a goal and not making a plan for exactly how you’re going to achieve it is only setting yourself up for failure. When you have a direction to follow, motivation will come much more easily!

Keep track of your progress

Write it down! Or put it in your phone – whatever you do, tracking your progress is important to see how things are going. Plus, when you’re doing well, it will help you feel good about yourself! Who isn’t down for that?!

Download the app – for free!

Of course – there’s an app for that! No matter your resolution, you can probably find an iPhone or Android aid to help you stick to it. Looking to pamper yourself more? Download the Spa Week app to find spas and deals near you. Check out this article from The Huffington Post for some good suggestions on other apps to try!