Exhale Spa: A Spa Week Best Bet!

As the Editorial Director here at Spa Week, I certainly have my personal favorites among our spas. And I couldn’t possibly be MORE excited to have Exhale Spa involved in Spa Week this April! 13 locations across the country are participating — including the brand new Exhale Spa in Hollywood, CA.

Exhale has been a second home to me for the past several years, ever since a friend turned me on to their Core Fusion classes. I’ve spent a minimum of 3 nights a week in their studio, sweating and sculpting with their incredible teachers. While I can go on for days about how amazing the workout classes are, I didn’t end up trying the spa until recently. I can’t believe I waited so long! There’s nothing better on a Saturday than waking up, getting an hour of cardio out of the way, and then treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure, all in the same place. Now, for the newbies out there, let me explain why you DEFINITELY want to grab a Spa Week deal at Exhale:

Spa Week Deal: 5-Class Pack for $50: A single class at Exhale can cost $30 and up, but you’ll get FIVE of them for just $50 during Spa Week (at all locations except Hollywood). The most popular class, Core Fusion, is a revved-up form of the Lotte Berk method (think leg-sculpting ballet moves at the barre, booty-sculpting Pilates moves on the mat, and a LOT of core work). They also offer spinoff versions like Core Fusion Sport, Core Fusion Cardio (my favorite!) and Core Fusion Bootcamp, so you’ll never get bored. Then, there’s also the entire yoga programming to choose from — challenge yourself with a rigorous Vinyasa class, or soothe your sore muscles (and yes, they will be sore!) after Core Fusion with a relaxing Yin stretching session.

Spa Week Deal: Smart Peel or Manicure/Pedicure for $50: Spa treatments take place in zen-like treatment rooms that will instantly leave you feeling relaxed. The Smart Peel starts with a peel customized for your skin type to minimize pores and refine your texture, followed by traditional facial treatments like extractions and massage. If you leave facials feeling like you didn’t see enough of a difference in your skin, this results-oriented treatment is perfect for you. Or, opt for a mani-pedi using polishes from Essie, SpaRitual, and other top brands. The nail techs at Exhale will make sure you leave with smooth heels and perfectly polished toes.

Are you sold now? We hope so. Click here to browse the Spa Week treatments at Exhale and book fast — April 15 will be here before you know it.