Guiltless Burger1
David Kirsch is a celebrtity fitness expert and wellness guru who trains Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway, and most of the Victoria’s Secret models you’ve been using as “weight loss inspiration” before swimsuit season. And while exercise is important to shape your body and burn calories, diet is crucial to losing and maintaining weight.

David shared his Guiltless Barbecue Burger recipe with us so that we can all look forward to lighter cookouts this summer (and lighter numbers on the scale as a result!):

4 ounces lean ground buffalo meat
4 ounces lean ground turkey
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons low-sugar, low-sodium barbecue sauce
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
Nonfat vegetable-based cooking spray

Instructions: Mix all ingredients (except cooking spray) in a large bowl. Form into two patties. Spray a barbecue grill or nonstick skillet and turn heat to medium-high. Place the patties on the grill/skillet and cook about 8 minutes per side (yields medium temperature). Ensure burgers are cooked through before serving.

Nutrition Per Serving:
185 calories
33 grams of protein
8 grams of carbohydrates
3 grams of fat
1 gram of saturated fat
4 grams of sugar

About this expert: David Kirsch is a celebrity trainer,  the founder of New York’s award-winning Madison Square Club, the creator of a popular line of nutritional supplements, and the author of five books, including the bestselling The Ultimate New York Diet. Visit for more information.