What’s not to LOVE about blue mascara? Remember the first time you tried it back in middle or high school? Well, Laura Mercier is bringin’ it back for spring by launching her Long Lash Mascara in Bleu.

This formula is natural-looking as it is, and the added blue color is surprisingly subtle. It dries to a very faint shade that’s only detectable when you look very close in direct lighting, so the effect is similar to wearing brown mascara: Your lashes are defined, but it looks like you’re not wearing mascara. Still, the blue pigment does something for you, and your eyes will look a little brighter (or, in the case or my brown eyes, greener) than usual.

There are tons of other amazing new items in the spring collection, so definitely browse them all, but we had to call out just one more in particular: This super-cute La Petite Patisserie candle collection. It comes with three mini candles in Almond Coconut Milk, Fresh Fig and Crème de Pistache scents (drooling yet?), plus a cute little carrying case. Why the carrying case? So you can take one with you to set the vibe on your next romantic getaway, of course. Can you imagine a better gift for a bride-to-be? Hint, hint to my bridesmaids… (just kidding!)