Serene Max is a small, quiet boutique spa where the lead aesthetician and owner are one and the same: Daria. Daria is gorgeous, for one, but she’s also very educated in all laser services, to the point where you will leave your treatment as somewhat of an armchair aesthetician yourself. That’s a plus where lasers are involved, since many people re-sell them to less educated and experienced technicians, and trust us: when it comes to laser treatments, you only want to go to people who’ve been doing this for a long time and know everything.

I visited Daria last Spa Week to get her tips on laser treatments. She explained the technology, the precautions, and the treatment so well, that I decided to come back this year to try a treatment out for myself. During Spa Week April 15-21, Daria is offering three $50 treatments:

The laser used to target freckles and sun spots.

I decided to try the Laser Focus Facial. While my skin is overall pretty clear and I shun sunlight pretty consistently, I’ve still got a few freckles from exposure over the years. Daria explained that the laser targets brown pigment, so women with lots of sun spots on their chests and hands see the most dramatic results. They generally also need to come back for a few more treatments to fully remove all pigment, while people like me with just a few small spots might see full results in just one or two.

Since the laser targets brown pigment, it has to be perfectly calibrated to your skin tone and type in order to zap only the freckles, and leave your skin untouched. Daria explained that you shouldn’t get this treatment done with a tan, and luckily my spray tan from the week prior had fully faded.

After my skin was prepped and I got a pair of UV sunglasses, the laser was aimed at each tiny spot on my face one at a time. Daria prepped me with a 1…2…3… countdown to the first zap, and I squeezed my hands into fists like I do during a Brazilian Wax or other painful treatment. But… I felt the tiniest little zap – nothing! It really didn’t hurt, and after just a few minutes, we were done. Daria gave me an ice pack to cool my skin down, even though it really didn’t feel warm at all — but Daria doesn’t skimp on the precautions or aftercare. She’s over-prepared and doesn’t stray from the script.

After that, Daria pointed out the iPad, water, and magazine next to me, and let me sit for 10 minutes with the ice pack. Again, I really didn’t need it — my sensitive skin wasn’t even pink or red, and when she came back to inspect me, I was ready to go. I was able to walk out into the street looking totally normal — the only signs of the treatment some women see is an initial darkening of the spots, which can be covered up with concealer. A week from now, my freckles will fade and I’ll have perfectly clear skin. Not a bad way to spend $50 if you ask me!

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