When Beautify Skin Care signed on as the Exclusive Skin Care Sponsor for Spa Week’s Spring 2013 event, we sent the products out to some of our Hot Mom Spa Squad members to test. Naturally, everyone in the office was like, “When will we get to try these ridiculously luxe looking products?!” Well, that time has come! Three of us took home products, and we’re reporting back below:

Tester: Dina, Associate Director of Sales and Travel Marketing
Product: AgeDefy Moisturizer Crème
Results: “I’m 32 years old and praying I look 27, so when we got this in the office, I pounced on it. I’ve been using this rich moisturizer as part of my morning beauty routine for the past two weeks and am totally in love. My morning routine is a fast one, and I was excited to discover just how quickly this orange colored, citrusy-scented crème absorbed into my face so I could put on my make-up. The best part – my skin feels noticeably firmer and taught after each application. Taught = youthful, so 32’s not lookin’ so bad.”

Tester: Kaitlin, Senior Account Manager
Product: DermaSmooth Serum
Results: “I was never one to think serum was necessary in my beauty regime. Apparently I was wrong. This is super light (so it can be applied pre-moisturizer) and gives a nice velvety base for makeup. After a little over a week of use, I can see a difference! My skin feels a bit smoother and definitely more moisturized. It’s a keeper!”

Tester: Me! Spa Week Media Coordinator
Product: AgeDefy Eye Cream
Results: Having recently just turned 24 (December is recent, right? Wishful thinking?) I decided that it was high time that I jump on the anti-aging bandwagon, for preventative means. It can be difficult, however, because of my seriously sensitive skin. In the past (when I was the ripe old age of 23) I had tried anti-aging eye creams that included Retinol and they were extremely irritating (watery eyes for days, no fun!). When I saw that the Beautify line was more about natural ingredients, I was excited to give it a try, and it did not disappoint! The cream is luxurious to apply, and this tiny tub will last well over a year — all that’s needed is the tiniest drop.”

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