By Breanna Crowley

Well, it’s finally here.  The week we have been talking about non-stop since March 11th….SPA WEEK!  The time when you can get massages, facials, body wraps, laser hair removal and so much more for just 50 bucks!

Working at Spa Week for about 4 years now, people always say to me, “You must get to go to so many spas and try all of the great treatments!”  Although I wish I could “spa it” on a daily basis, getting to the spa even a few times a year can sometimes be a stretch, even for me.  I like to use Spa Week as a time to try out something different that I have never experienced before, so this year I chose to go to Lena Skincare on East 34th here in Manhattan.

One of the three services Lena is offering this Spa Week is a 60 Min Guinot Hydradermie Lift Facial. The Hydradermie lift process firms and lifts the skin through muscle stimulation for a toned, youthful look, and revitalizes the surface with oxygen for a radiant appearance.

I’m used to getting your standard facial… but this facial is WAY different — and that’s exactly why I’m so glad I tried something new.  The facial includes a series of Guinot contraptions, each with their own specific duty (for example, to hydrate or tighten).  There was also a heavy mask involved that was nothing like the usual variety — but that’s why the results are nothing like a normal facial, too.

Now, speaking of the mask — for everyone who’s ever had a facial and felt abandoned when the esthetician left the room during the mask, you’ll love Lena’s!  While your face is soaking in all of the vitamins and moisture from the masks, Lena is right there with you massaging your neck and shoulders, which she caps off with a warm lotion hand massage for total pampering.

I loved my experience, and left with glowing skin as promised! I’d recommend anyone bored with your typical facial book a Spa Week service at Lena’s. She is also offering a ‘Get Ready for Spring’ Wax Package, which includes an underarm and Brazilian wax with numbing spray, plus aftercare produts to take home. And here’s a little insider tip: Her Brazilian waxes take just 5 minutes on average!

Lena Skincare
56 East 34th Street
(inside Shape Salon)
New York, NY 10016