Just as CC Creams are starting to trickle out en masse to the market, an even newer skincare fad is now in the final phases of production – you guessed it, DD Cream.

DD stands for Dynamic Do-All. It was just a few months ago that we gave you this briefer on BB and CC creams – and jokingly predicted DD cream would be next. But it looks like we’re not so funny, and actually might be fortune tellers of the beauty world – because DD Cream IS in fact happening, as mentioned by She Finds last week.

In true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, this has got us thinking: How much longer can this trend continue? Are these products significantly different from one another, or is this just a ploy by the beauty industry to get us to keep upgrading?

Julep is the brand launching the first known version, and it boasts two different anti-aging ingredients. The purpose is not only instant coverage, but to improve skin over time, too. Just like BB and CC Cream, this formula promises lightweight coverage, SPF protection, perfect priming and moisturizing. Until we get some more details, it sounds pretty similar to BB and CC cream to us.

What do you think? Will you upgrade to a DD this summer?