In honor of The Month of Moms, I reached out on Facebook last week to learn some tried and true mom wisdom, and with that, I put the call out for a mom who was long overdue for a day at the spa. Two days later, the spa-napping went down. Watch what happened when winner Jenny Gill got a little taste of her own medicine…

“His mind is in motion and his body is in motion,” New York mom Jenny told me of her 2 year old son, Jack, as we sipped rose at Estancia 460, a restaurant on the cobblestone street next to TriBeCa Spa of Tranquility. “He’s crazy smart and physically advanced. He constantly wants to play a sport, sing the ABC song and tell you about his day. To get him to slow down and understand that you have to sleep, is a big struggle. The just kid doesn’t have time for sleep in his life.”

Although, what Jenny likely didn’t realize in speaking about her son’s misunderstanding of sleep, she was painting a pretty clear picture of her own misunderstanding of relaxation: Jenny has not been to the spa since before Jack was born. Yikes!

Jenny, who happens to be a member of Spa Week’s Hot Mom Spa Squad, clearly knows the importance of recharging your mind and body—so it’s time to give her a taste of her own medicine. How many moms out there dole out wisdom but neglect to follow it themselves? I could say: “To get Jenny to slow down and understand that you have to spa, is a big struggle. The girl jut doesn’t have time for spa in her life.”


When Spa Week reached out to TriBeCa Spa of Tranquility about this great public service for the sake of mom, the acclaimed wellness facility and celebrity hotspot offered up two massages for the cause.

JENNY GILL, You’ve Been Spa-Napped!!!