Spa Woman. Thai Massage

Have you ever noticed Michelle Williams’ skin? Of course you have, its flawless. So when someone like her is kind enough to let any of her beauty secrets out of the bag, you listen.

Michelle has announced that she is a fan of The Time Machine, a method for LED light therapy dreamed up by industry innovator (and Spa Weeker!) Joanna Vargas. Don’t let its uncanny resemblance to a tanning bed scare you – The Time Machine won’t give you a dangerous faux glow. Located in celeb facialist Joanna Vargas’ NYC skincare sanctuary, The Time Machine is a bed for LED light therapy – a successful anti-aging treatment for the skin.

There are plenty of places to access LED Light Therapy for your face – whether it be through an at-home product or fancy spa facial. But before the Time Machine was born, there wasn’t a real way to engage in LED Light Therapy for full body effects.

LED light therapy builds collagen, erases fine lines, promotes quicker healing of body tissue (think acne scars, etc.) and reverses sun damage, among other incredible benefits. You can see why A-listers like Michelle would want this treatment to rejuvenate damaged skin on their entire body. Better yet? Unlike other treatments with similar results, there is no downtime after an LED treatment.

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