The Gift of Wellness is 15% off for dads and grads June 1-16 from Spa Week.

From June 1-16th, in honor of hardworking grads and deserving dads, Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week® are on sale! Purchase a $100 Gift Card for $84.99, and 15% off all other denominations.

Graduation season is here! Yup, every time you turn around, someone has a brand new degree. Each of those  hard-working grads deserves a little TLC. Give your fave grad the gift of pampering with a Spa Week Gift Card. Think of how wonderful it’ll be for them: Instead of burning the midnight oil, let them inhale scented candles while they get a facial, body wrap, massage or mani/pedi.

Dad’s been there for you since you were an itty bitty, right? The poor guy’s moved you a million times, changed the oil in your car, chased away the bad boys, smiled at the good boys and has sat up countless nights worrying about you.  On June 16th honor dad by giving him a hot stone massage, or a deep tissue massage or even a sport pedicure. He deserves to be treated like the rockstar he is at the spa. His Spa Week Gift Card guarantees that there’s one day (at least) where the focus is on him.

Spa & Wellness Gift Cards make the perfect gift for every dad and grad, and now that they’re on sale, it’s a no-brainer. Purchase on through June 16th!