This limited edition collection from Butter London has lip glosses and nail polishes with tons of shine.

The thing that I love about Butter London is they always, always and I mean, always come up with fantastic colors for your nails and lips. Their new Pop Art Collection is 6 gloriously bright, sexy, cheeky shades. The names either are British slang, places in London, UK treats, or historical Britons. It’s part of Butter London’s charm.

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Cheeky Chops–Opaque, canary-yellow crème. What’s it mean? It’s a term of endearment for sassy kids.

Keks–Opaque, blue crème. What is it? Brit slang for men’s pants. Hitch up your Keks!

Primrose Hill Picnic–Opaque, tropical pink crème. Where is it?Primrose Hill is a famous park in North West London frequented by rock stars, yummy mummies, actors, and paparazzi.


Katie Hughes, Butter London’s Global Colour Ambassador says, “These LIPPY’s are creamy and buildable, so layer for a deeper colour or blot with a tissue for a satin finish.”

Alcopop–Bright pink liquid lipstick. What is it? Malt beverage that packs a sugary punch made famous by Girl’s Night Out.

Come to Bed Red–Classic, bright red liquid lipstick. What is it? The sexiest red in history, as told by butter LONDON.

Queen Vic–Deep, cranberry-fuchsia liquid lipstick. Who was it? Beloved monarch (Queen Victoria), and also the name of about 3,000 English pubs, give or take.

$15 each for the Nail polish, $17 each for the lippies. They can be bought at Butter London.

PJ Gach is Managing Editor/Social Media Manager Spa Week. She’s been a makeup junkie since she could get into her mom’s makeup bag.