June is National Candy Month and we’re celebrating with candy flavored beauty products.

It goes without saying that we love candy. The candy bowl at Spa Week HQ has to be refilled almost daily! So naturally, we wanted to celebrate National Candy Month. Unfortunately it’s summer and we’re watching our waistlines, so we came up with the perfect, calorie-free festivities: Candy flavored beauty products!

1. Cake Beauty Sweethearts Velveteen Hand Crème, ($20.00 Canadian Only, cakebeauty.com). Sweethearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day anymore! Now, you can get your sugary fix in a silky smooth hand cream, for use all year round. That is, if you’re lucky enough to live in Canada—or we can beg the Canucks to send some over!

2. LUSH Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, ($7.40, lushusa.com). What could be sweeter than enveloping your body in a creamy vanilla and candy scented bubble bath? This sugary bubble bath bar is the best possible sensory overload.

3. Bath & Body Works Liplicious Lip Gloss in Cotton Candy, ($7.50, bathandbodyworks.com). This ultra-sheer gloss tastes as good as it looks! This flirty, girly gloss is the perfect accessory for any night out.

4. 8 Piece Lip Balm Set Pixy Stix, ($18.99, amazon.com). Relive your childhood by indulging in your favorite childhood candy. Only this time, it soothes chapped lips and won’t leave you with a sugar high. 

5. Ahava Sweet Treats Vanilla Dream Bath Salts, ($10, beauty.com). Dead Sea mineral bath salts moisturize, relax muscles and soothe the mind. When they’re vanilla-scented, it’s an extra treat!

6. Archipelago Morning Mint Body Lotion ($17.10, pcfallon.com). Mint is our favorite candy flavor. No wonder we love the refreshing scent so much when it comes to a rich body lotion!

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Arielle Sidrane is the Media Coordinator at Spa Week Media Group. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth and enjoys candy on a daily basis.