Ever wanted to charm the pants of a pirate with flawless, free-flowing mermaid waves? Now you can with the brand spankin’ new Oiudad New Wave Create Collection.


For that sexy, carefree wave start with the Oiudad Wave Create Texture Taffy ($23, ouidad.com). Not only is the yummy-smelling putty rich in marine vitamins and minerals, it will totally help you transform wimpy waves into Ariel-styled locks in no time. After shampooing, scrunch some of the product in, (no, it’s not your 7th grade scrunching hair gel) and you’re done. Say hello to beachy, sexy waves, not that gross, middle school crunchy hair.

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To also help you master that wind-swept look, unleash your inner siren with the Oiudad Sea Spray ($23, oiudad.com). Suitable for all hair types. This this light and breezy spray volumizes and creates luscious waves out of fine and limp hair. On your next beach day, throw this fab product into your beach bag for that delicious wondrous wave. Now, where’s Jack Sparrow when you need him?

Courtney Leiva is a contributor to SpaWeek Daily, runs The Doll House and is a proud Tweetaholic.

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