The Spa Week staff enjoyed a relaxing yoga class together after work. 

Om. Spa Week is all about finding our center this month (doing it in Costa Rica would be nice, right?!). In that spirit, we decided to treat our tired minds and bodies to a relaxing yoga session after work in our brightly colored conference room.

Meaghan Jaretsky, a certified yoga instructor from Ishta Yoga, visited our office to help the Spa Week staff get rebalanced and relaxed.

Kelly thought it was a great way to unwind at the end of the work day: Focus on breathing, get in touch with yourself, and slowly come back down to earth after a stressful day. Kaitlin agrees, “I’d say the class was really about getting us balanced so we did a lot of stuff to center us and really get us in tuned with what our bodies were telling us.”

Sitting all day can really do a number on your back (and posture!) so Meaghan was especially conscious of helping the staff to stretch out. She pointed out many poses are helpful for the lower back, including Happy Baby and Child’s Pose. If you also work at a desk job, we’d recommend giving these a try at home.

We’re hoping to have Meaghan back for another relaxing session soon.


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Arielle Sidrane is the Media Coordinator at Spa Week Media Group.