Biore’s anti-acne treatments banish breakouts and bad skin days!

We’re like flowers: We love to soak in the sun and play all day in the summer. Unlike flowers, we can break out from the heat, humidity and sweat (esp from outside workouts).  It’s ironic that the season where we show the most skin, is the season that can give us the most breakouts.

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What to do? Check out Biore’s newest product: Biore Acne Clearing Scrub (SRP $6.49). It’s a mandarin mint scented scrub that uses Biore’s own Skin Purifying Technology (an exclusive formula) that treats blemishes while it cleans your skin. You can use it every day—it won’t dry out your skin.

Follow that with the Biore Blemish-Treating Astringent (SRP $7.99). This toner treats blemishes when you sweep it along your face with a fluffy cotton ball. When it settles on your skin, it goes to work to also prevent future breakouts. Sweet! And yes, you can use it every day.

Now, you can find these products at a store near you…but today, and today only, head on over to our Facebook page and enter to win them! 5 lucky Spa Week Daily winners will have the Biore Acne Clearing Scrub and the Biore Blemish-Treating Astringent. Visit our Facebook page now!