These hostess gifts are so adorable (and usable) you may want to keep them for yourself.

It’s high summer. That means people are doing lots and lots of traveling. It could be a family or school reunion, staying with friends in the country or the beach on a summer vacation, or maybe you’re bunking at a friend’s house while attending a wedding or summer event.

As mom once said, you can’t visit someone empty-handed. I think the idea of giving a host or hostess gift is that if you bring your host a wonderful present, they won’t mind it so much if you eat the last piece of pie.  If you’re curious about house guest etiquette, check out what Emily Post has to say on the matter. Um, she frowns on guests gobbling pie.

Here’s hostess 10 gifts that we know will make you the best guest ever.

1. Wine and jewels! California winery, Ooh La La Wines teamed up with Katie Schloss, the jewelry designer behind Three Jane for a fun collaboration. Katie created the Bottle Opener Bracelet ($30,  The bracelet will open any Ooh La La Wine (chardonnay, rose, reisling or pinot grigio), or any bottle that requires an opener. Plus, it’s super cute. Ooh La La Wines can be found nationally, use their online store locator to find a shop that stocks them.

2. Stelton Vacuum Jug 1L ($75, Your host(ess) likes to serve meals outside, then this vacuum jug is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. It keeps drinks hot or cold, throughout the meal and beyond.

3. Spa & Wellness Gift Card from Spa Week ($25 and up, Spa Week). Give a gift that can be used anytime during the year, any place in the US. A Spa Week gift card can be used for a mani/pedi, facial, massage and more.

4. Bijli Napkin ($15 each, These silver foil printed on linen napkins will dress up any table. Every meal becomes a glam event.

5. Lucida bottlestopper in Amethyst ($52,  The wine isn’t finished, and you want to save it for another day. Give the semi-precious stone topped bottle stopper to keep the vino fine. You can also choose from Tiger’s Eye or Rose Quartz.

6. Sirena iPad Cover ($38, These gorgeous iPad cover protects it and there’s a place for pen, pad and ID.

7. Dog Charm Kit ($15, If your host (ess) is as dog-obsessed as I am, giving this easy to make initial charm will give you major points in their book. The kit comes in a variety of colors.

8. The Shop Cooler ($24.99, Does your friend like to haunt farmer’s markets? This tote will keep groceries, veg and more cool up to 6 hours. And it packs up flat when not in use.

9. Feline Organized Coat Hooks ($14.99, Kitty lovers need love too! If your friend is always talking about getting organized, these sweet coat hooks should help them out.

10. Watercolor Scarf ($14, 5% of the purchase of this scarf (or any item on A-Thread) goes to a charity. Pick either Kiva, LA Animal Services, Children of the Night or Thirst Relief.  Cool, huh! You’re giving a gift that gives twice.

 PJ Gach is Managing Editor Spa Week Daily, Social Media Manager Spa Week Media Group.