Photo by Zach Dischner Via

Photo by Zach Dischner

Nationally known nutritionist Keri Glassman’s giving us a healthy tip of the day, every day through July.

Spa Week’s teamed up with nationally recognized nutritionist, Keri Glassman to help you stay summer slim. Enter the Stay Summer Slim Giveaway and you can win an exclusive trip toNew York City, meet Keri and sit down for a private nutrition counseling session and more.

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Here’s today’s healthy tip from Keri:

Stuck indoors? Take a tropical break. Add mango to your salad. This treat may just help keep your hands out of the candy bowl at 3 PM!

Check back every day here at Spa Week Daily for another healthy, stay summer slim tip. Don’t forget to enter the Stay Summer Slim GiveawayMore cool tips and stuff from Keri on Instagram. It’s @Keriglassman!


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