Carry all of your stuff in these well-designed and cute tote bags.

I don’t know what it is about summertime, but you seem to be carrying more stuff with you. Maybe it’s because you’re going on more weekend trips, or you’re taking yoga classes early in the morning, or maybe it’s because you want to hit the Farmer’s Market on the way to work, but you find yourself carting around more things with you.

If you’ve been looking for a sturdy but nice-looking tote bag to take you to the beach, on a weekend trip or something to switch with your regular bag, we found 10 great ones.

Read on for our picks.

1. Izak Coated Canvas tote ($48,  World renowned fashion illustrator Izak Zenou has worked with Henri Bendel for over 15 years. He’s now come out with a chic line of totes. This one has a zippered outside compartment, interior pocket and is a chic way to carry your stuff.

2. Colourpop bag ($39, This colorblock tote in clementine and navy has leather handles and a shoulder strap that allows you to wear it as a crossbody bag. Made from jute, it’s super sturdy.

3. Woven tote ($74, This classic tote with gold hardware is chic enough to carry your work gear and your weekend getaway things.

4. Crochet Pom Pom tote ($19.94, This straw tote is lined in cotton and is your perfect beach companion.

5. Black Peek In My PVC tote ($18, The leopard print lining’s removable, so if you want to show off your beach read, sandals or bikini, go ahead!

6. Dezo Maldives Aqua Palms tote ($176, Just because you can’t jet away to some place exotic, doesn’t mean you can’t look or dream of those places. Carry a piece of theMaldives with this gorgeous photo emblazoned tote wherever you go.

7. Flora Hessian Paisley Beach tote ($40, This floral bag is just too pretty to only take to the beach. It comes in three colors: Beige, blue and pink. The leather trim dresses it up, you’ll find yourself grabbing for every day too.

8. Flags Together Bag, Diamonds UK ($90, Whether you feel like celebrating Will and Kate’s baby, are an anglophile or like a really big bag, this Thursday Friday tote’s for you. It’ll carry beach towels, a small dog or whatever else you might need to carry.

9. Weekend tote ($58, You can never, ever go wrong with a basic black tote. It’s made from faux leather and is lined in cream fabric.

10. Lovebirds Embroidered tote ($132, The tote’s straps are made from upcycled leather. The frabric is Hupil, Guatemalan embrioidery that’s placed on traditional Guatemalan garments. These bags are handmade by artisans from that country and a portion of the proceeds goes back to them.

PJ Gach is Managing Editor Spa Week Daily.