Nationally recognized nutritionist and author, Keri Glassman dished diet tips and more during our Facebook chat.

Keri Glassman chatted with us on our Facebook page yesterday. She answered readers’ questions, explained what to look for when buying healthy alternatives, the importance of exercise and even dispelled a dieting myth or two.

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Readers wanted to know if Keri had always been interested in nutrition. Keri told us, “YES! I was always interested in food AND fitness! I was a gymnast and a swimmer growing up, and then played sports in college. I was always interested in fueling for the athletic field, but also being able to throw on skinny jeans on a Saturday night. Combining these two things was often hard! My best friend from high school claims I used to talk about Vitamin E in science class in 7th grade. LOL! Even then I was a science “nerd.”

Keri’s advice on how to stick to your diet during summer events is really helpful—think about all the summer weddings, family reunions, backyard barbecues you’ll be attending, those calories can add up. Keri reminds us to,” …Have a snack before you go so you can “cut” the hunger! The pigs in the blanket (ED note: my downfall!) look much less tempting when you are satisfied versus starving. Have a plain yogurt, handful of almonds, or even a couple of slices of turkey before you leave for the party. Then assess the situation before you dive into the chips and dip. You may be surprised at the healthy options available! Crudite and steamed shrimp just may be there!”

We all deal with sweet cravings, even after a big meal. Keri says, “The best way not to crave something sweet after a meal is to (1) eat enough protein—It helps satisfy you (2) do not eat artificial sweeteners throughout the day (3) drink adequate water (4) have a sweet herbal no-calorie tea after the meal to shut down for the night and (5) when you really must have that sweet, frozen berries or a small piece of dark chocolate works great.

If you’re starting a diet or trying to eat healthier, here are Keri’s tips for staying on track, “Here are my top 5 changes! (1) eat breakfast with protein and fiber (2) drink water—no diet or regular soda (3) eat greens with lunch and dinner (4) have an afternoon snack with protein and/or healthy fat (5) stay away from packaged foods as much as possible.”

There’s a new diet fad, drinking water and cinnamon. The idea is that it’ll help you lose weight. According to Keri, “I love cinnamon—it helps with stress reduction and also helps manage blood sugar. It can work as a sweet substitute too. Drinking with water? Probably not necessary, and probably won’t do anything dramatic, BUT do definitely make it part of your diet. I love it on yogurt and with a green apple!”

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Love the idea of eating more fruits and veggies, but your tummy’s not feeling that same way? Keri recommends, “I recommend cooking your veggies and building up slowly. Take out for a day, then add slowly and keep a record of which ones bother you and which ones are okay. Then of course, stick with those.”

For an on-the-go snack that’s good for you, Keri reminds us to try, “Nuts—all kinds of nuts! I love a mix. Crackers such as Finn Crisp or Ryvita with hummus. Lots of brands make on-the-go hummus now. Try making homemade Trail Mix—apricots, nuts, popcorn and dark chocolate. Individual packs of nut butter are good too.”

Lots of us are brown bagging it. We’re taking a lunch to work instead of eating out every day. With so many different types of bread out there, which one is a good choice? “Look for bread with 100% whole grains, no added sugar and the least amount of ingredients,” Keri says. “The less processed the bread, the better it is.”

Visit our Facebook page to catch the entire conversation. Every weekday throughout this month, Keri’s giving us a healthy diet tip, so check them out. Some of them have recipes! Don’t forget you can also follow Keri on Instagram, it’s @keriglassman.

PJ Gach is Managing Editor Spa Week Daily.