MyWellness Rewards is stocked with skin care products that revive sun damaged skin.


Spa Week’s MyWellness Rewards is spreading a message about healthy summer skincare with our Summer Skincare SOS Giveaway.  Summer weather (while dreamy) can present a range of problems for our skin. For example:

Problem: Dull Skin

Solution: Lift Lab Purify & Clarify Cleanser/Mask deep cleans to leave skin glowing.

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Today’s brand spotlight’s on Lift Lab.

Lift Lab is a premier line of luxury anti-aging products. The line’s featured ingredient is Cell Protection Protein, a compound proven to boost skin’s natural regeneration.  Purify & Clarify is the brand’s anti-aging cleanser, that features the key ingredient Aqualumine. Aqualumine is derived from red caviar and helps to both gently exfoliate and moisturize skin. Lift & Fix High Potency Solution is a concentrated formula that protects skin from redness. Lift & Moisturize Daily Cream stimulates collagen and leaves skin silky smooth. Combined, these products work together to create a top of the line anti-aging regimen.

Now featured in the MyWellness Rewards store is a Lift Lab Product Trio, including Lift & Fix High Potency Solution, Purify & Clarify Cleanser/Mask and Lift & Moisturize Daily Cream.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­All three products can be yours for just 2030 MyWellness Rewards Points.

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Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor at Spa Week Daily.