Have you been abusing your feet this summer? Read on to learn what happened when we tried Ahava’s Mineral Foot Cream.

Have you been doing what I’ve been doing this summer? One day it’s high heels, the next day I’m wearing flip flops. Open toe pumps are followed by deck shoes. By the end of the week, my feet are begging me to lie down.

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 Wearing so many different types of shoes and heel heights can give calluses to your feet. The can start to feel rough. Your skin may be itchy and dry. What can you use to make them soft, smooth and dare we say it? Smelling sweet? I started using Ahava Mineral Foot Cream ($20, ahavaus.com) when the weather became brutal in early July. Between the heat and walking around, okay wobbling in heels in awful humidity, my feet were a mess.


I squeezed out a small amount and worked the cream up from my feet into my calves. Instant bliss. The cream is rich, thick and slightly minty smelling from the Tea Tree oil. As thick as the cream is, it absorbs instantly into my skin. Within seconds, my feet felt better, looked better and I got instant relief.

I found myself using it every night right before I went to bed. I kept the tube on my nightstand. Right before I’d crawl in, I’d soothe my legs with the cream. Ahava’s Mineral Foot Cream also contains avocado, wheat germ oil, sweet almond and jojoba oils and salicylic acid. These ingredients soothe and renew your skin. If you aren’t familiar with Tea Tree Oil, it’s a natural antifungal, antiseptic and antibiotic. Alone it’s great for healing cuts and other boo boos you may get. Combined with the other ingredients, it keeps smelly and itchy at bay.

I’m so impressed with Ahava Mineral Cream that I’ll probably keep using it all winter long—when your feet are trapped in boots for hours at a time, sometimes, you’re too scared to take them out—who knows how they’ll smell!

PJ Gach is Managing Editor Spa Week Daily.

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