Need to change your nail polish in a flash? Grab a Cutex Advanced Revival One-Step Remover Pad and clean all 10 digits.


There are so many incredible nail polishes out right now; it seems you want to switch shades every day. If you’re into nail art (who isn’t?), those designs are wowy and you just gotta keep trying new ideas. Which leaves you this silly problem: What do you use to take off the polish and the art? Nail polish in a bottle can spill over everything—I’m not gonna discuss my disasters. You can get wisps of cotton stuck to your fingers. Perhaps your nail polish is really resistant to leaving you. What to do?


I recently tried and fell in love with Cutex Advanced Revival One-Step Remover Pads (MSRP $3.99, stores nationwide).  One pad will remove the toughest nail polish off all ten of your digits. Even the most super sparkly, glittery nail polish comes off easily.

Cutex Advanced Revival One-Step Remover pads ad made with botanical oils so they actually feed your nails when they’re removing nail polish. No longer will your nails feel like they’ve been completely striped and desert dry. They look as healthy, maybe even healthier after swiping them on your fingers.

No more mess removing polish. No more fingers dusted with cotton junk. Just clean, healthy nails waiting to be painted and adorned.

And yes, the product smells great!

PJ Gach is Managing Editor Spa Week Daily.

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