Celebs like Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian and Courtney Cox have all been spotted rocking Nepali scarves. We have the details on how you can snag one for yourself.

Photo by Orvalrochefort via https://www.flickr.com/photos/orvalrochefort/4086378843/in/photolist-9nqpX3-7e6L4D

Photo by Orvalrochefort via https://www.flickr.com/photos/orvalrochefort/4086378843/in/photolist-9nqpX3-7e6L4D

If you haven’t caught on to the summer scarf trend yet, now’s the time! Nepali by TDM Design scarves are at the top of your favorite stars’ must-have lists—and for good reason!

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During a trip to Nepal in 2007, Nepali by TDM founder and CEO Michelle Baldwin found a handmade cashmere blanket and was completely inspired by the skills of the women who made it. Despite living in poverty, these women are hardworking, talented and passionate.  Michelle was determined to share their craft with the world by starting a company that would also help them. Nepali by TDM gives these women the opportunity to better their lives by providing things like accessible healthcare and scholarships for their kids.

Each scarf is designed in the US and hand-woven by the women in Nepal using premium fibers like silk and cashmere. Demi Lovato, Sarah Hyland and Gwen Stefani are among the celebs who have joined the movement supporting Nepali’s mission of empowering women across the globe. You may have also seen them wrapped around models on the pages of VogueMarie ClaireLucky or Good Housekeeping.

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Anne Hathaway and Kristin Cavallari both love the winter version of the Bambi Bobi scarf and we’re giving away the summer version!


Throw it on over a sundress or make a plain tee look sexy with this red hot scarf. Enter to win the Summer Bambi Bobi scarf on our Facebook page, or log on to their website to buy one at 25% off with promo code SPAWEEK25.

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