Makeup artist and entrepreneur Sonia Kashuk breaks down fall’s biggest beauty trends and how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

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Every fall, new beauty trends grace the pages of our favorite magazines. Some looks are easily attainable, while others seem way over-the-top. We recently caught up with celebrated beauty maven Sonia Kashuk who taught us that just a few modifications can turn runway into reality in no time.

Fourteen years ago, Sonia set out to create a luxurious makeup brand at an affordable price. It’s been carried exclusively at Target ever since. What else does she love besides makeup? Going to the spa of course! She’s taking her love for the spa one step further and launching a brand new line of bath and body products in November! “Amazing, amazing, amazing, that’s all I can say about it,” Sonia tells us.

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Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture_Jewel of an Eye

Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture in “Jewel of an Eye” ($19.99,

Spa Week Daily: What are some of fall’s biggest makeup trends this year?

Sonia Kashuk: I think you’re going to be seeing a few different things. There’s the nude, natural [look] that’s still prevalent. And there’s jewel color and a mix of jewel color like metallics.

SWD: Emerald is such a hot color this year. It’s easy to incorporate it into your wardrobe, but how do you wear emerald makeup without it looking garish?

SK: Minimally. I’ll take color and mix it with a neutral. Put some emerald color (a shadow or a liner) right at the lash line and then lay a little bit of black into it so the emerald just peeks out. It helps to tone it down and make it work more with your own coloring so it doesn’t jump out so much.

SWD: Are there any beauty trends from last fall that are sticking around for this fall?

SK:  Last fall we saw a lot of red or berry, rich colored lips and it’s definitely still prevalent this fall.

SWD:  Which fall beauty trend is your favorite?

SK: I’ve always loved the monochromatic face. You have a beautiful burgundy jewel over the eye combined with a rich burgundy lip. It’s a little bit of a play on monochromatics, but with depth and richness.

SWD: How would you suggest applying a burgundy shadow so that it doesn’t make you look sick?

SK: You have to be careful with Bordeaux shades on your eyes because they can look like they’re so irritated. If you use it across the lid and then use bronze shades combined with it for contouring, it looks so beautiful.

SWD: How can you wear a runway trend like metallic eye shadow without it looking overdone?

SK: Number one is choosing colors that have a bit of flexibility to them and aren’t overly bright. Use them in specific places, either at the lash line or in the crease. And not too many bright colors should combined. Break them down to [wearing] one or two shades versus multiple.

SWD: What are some of the new color rules?

SK: So many color rules don’t really apply anymore. But accept what looks good on you and just because something is a trend, doesn’t mean it’s going to work on everybody. What we’re creating on the page of a magazine as makeup artists is illusion. It’s theatrical in a sense. It’s creating a photograph and that doesn’t always translate into real life. So understand how to take something that you might see in a magazine and adapt it to what you feel comfortable wearing.

SWD: How would you suggest easily transitioning a favorite summer lip color into fall?

SK: Color is blurring so much. Even bright pinks can look amazing in the fall worn with charcoal greys. The trick is to get a little more depth out of a brighter color. Just combine it with a lip liner that’s a little deeper and line the whole lip. That way, you get a little bit of variance out of your color.

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color SPF 16_Pinky Beige&Spiced Berry

Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Colour with SPF 16 ($9.99,

Stay tuned to Spa Week Daily next week because Sonia is spilling her biggest beauty secrets!

Laura Knipping is the Special Projects Editor at Spa Week Daily.