This week’s Celebrity Showdown Death Match is nail polish! Which celeb’s brand won’t chip?

selena gomez kissed at midnight fergie glamorous nail polishes

Struggling to figure out which of your favorite celebs is backing the best product? Fear no more. We’ll be testing everything from nail polish to self-tanner to save you the trouble of deciding where your money should go. First up, Nicole Nail Lacquer- Selena Gomez Collection: Kissed at Midnight vs. Wet n Wild- Fergie Nail Color: Glamorous. 

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Both of these polishes were very easy to locate in my local drug store. There was plenty of each product left and there was no crazy line around the block to get them (see: cronuts).


Despite the famous names on the bottle, Nicole and Wet n Wild stuck to keeping the prices very close to their normal. You can snag a .42 oz bottle of Glamorous for 3.99. Kissed at Midnight will run you double the price with a .50 oz bottle coming in at $8.


Visually speaking, Selena’s Kissed at Midnight is the obvious winner. It looks thicker and the hue is more golden than its Glamorous counterpart. There’s also less filler. While you can clearly see the (slightly orange tinted) clear polish at the base of  Fergie’s Glamorous, Kissed at Midnight looks like a bottle full of sparkle.


Selena wins again. I used the polishes atop a white base coat so the difference could be seen really clearly and honestly, it wasn’t much of a competition. It took me two coats of Glamorous to equal what just one of Kissed at Midnight did. Selena’s product is brilliant, super sparkly and the gold flecks create a slight mirrored effect that just doesn’t come through with Glamorous.  It didn’t help that after close inspection, the orange tint from Wet n Wild’s polish was quite noticeable against the white back drop.  The very small amount needed to get a high level of sparkle from Kissed at Midnight is definitely worth the $8 and gives you much more bang for your buck.

The Winner is:

So, while we love to watch both of these top notch ladies shake it on stage, there is no doubt that Kissed at Midnight is the clear winner for this week’s match up.

Quiana Haynes is a contributing writer to Spa Week Daily