Workouts have never been this fun.

Matrix (2)

Have you ever wished that you could take your daily walk, jog or run through the breathtaking trails of an exotic location like, let’s say, Australia? Or perhaps you’ve fantasized about having all of your favorite social media apps built right into your gym’s cardio equipment to help get through those extra long, extra tough workouts. Thanks to Matrix Fitness, a global commercial fitness brand, such dreams are becoming realities with the launch of their new 7xi console series. The industry’s first app-based interface is now available across Matrix’s entire line of cardiovascular equipment in worldwide health clubs and fitness facilities.

Spa Week staffers recently got the privilege of seeing the new 7xi Console in action at this year’s ISPA Media Event in New York City. A stunning, high-definition display showcased the tablet-like features of this touchscreen interface while Matrix representatives, Doug Marquette and Tiffany Hoeye, walked us through the dynamic features.

From having seamless access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to thousands of on-demand TV shows, music videos and personalized workout data, the 7xi combines countless entertainment options and a true app interface built exclusively for the fitness environment. This means that there’s little to no typing required which is pretty crucial for exercisers while they’re in mid-workout.

“The 7xi is all about the user experience. Workouts don’t get much better than this,” said Hoeye.

As if that wasn’t futuristic enough, the Virtual Active Workout feature includes HD video and sounds from around the globe with incline and/or resistance changes for a truly captivating experience. From Sydney to the Swiss Alps, the destinations vary from treadmills to ellipticals to bikes, giving users variety and content specific to the activity they’re doing. Virtual Coaching, in which a trainer appears on the screen, is also available to provide instruction and encouragement for that extra, motivational boost when it’s needed most.

The 7xi console was originally introduced in March at the IHRSA (International Health Racquet & Sports Association) Convention in Las Vegas and recently became an approved vendor for Marriott International and by the Four Seasons for their flagship property in Toronto as well as several other properties.

To learn more, visit or watch the 7xi video here.

 Kelly Verdi is the Public Relations Manager at Spa Week Media Group. She loves dogs, 80 minute facials and a good blowout worth bragging about.