Almost-Snow-White-Front-Cover-WebAlmost Snow White (Alluvion Press) chronicles the trials of Precious Anne Sprately, a mulatto child conceived when her mother was raped by a white man. Precious lives in a black community in Virginia with her “father” who can’t stand to look at her, and a mother who pays her little mind. Life has always been hard for this unwanted girl. When she finds her only ally, her brother, hanging from a tree, Precious knows she must take drastic measures to change her own circumstances.

Though she is taunted in the community for her lighter skin, Precious comes to realize that the very thing that has haunted her may also be the one thing that can set her free. She decides to run off to a distant town in an attempt to pass as a white woman. It is then that she learns, by way of interactions, how African Americans are truly treated. And it is a harsher wakeup call than she expected.

I devoured this novel in just one evening. It is a page turner was filled with little unexpected twists and plenty of heart wrenching moments. The brief, powerful insight that Almost Snow White provides into the oppression felt by African Americans in the 1940’s, over 70 years post-slavery, is truly eye-opening.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor at Spa Week Daily.