Summer weather clogged up your pores? Will Alba Botanica’s Clean & Good line of cleaners give you glowing skin? Read on and find out.

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Earlier this summer Alba Botanica launched a new line of cleaners: Alba Bontanica Clean & Good. This citrus-scented line of cleansers is meant to detoxify, clean, yet not strip your skin and leave it happy. Does it do the job? Can it be used for delicate sensitive skin? Well, each of the 5 products is oil-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. They were tested by a dermatologist. Oh and they’re all infused with a fruit acid detox fusion. Not a single Alba Botanica product is tested by animals. Here’s how they rate:

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Alba Botanica Good & Clean Acne Wash (SRP $8.99). Made for normal to oily skin, it worked really well on my sensitive skin. In addition to the above mentioned ingredients, it also contains 10 AHA-botanicals, willow bark and salicylic acid. It didn’t leave my skin feeling dry, and I found it wonderful for removing makeup and dealing with pre-period pimples (NO! You never grow out of that…sigh).

Alba Botanica Good & Clean Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser (SRP $8.99). In addition the the above stuff and the 10 AHA botanicals, this baby also has green tea and rice mixed in with the fruit acid detox fusion (doesn’t that sound like it should be a smoothie?). It’s gentle, whisks makeup off in a snap and I flat out loved it.

Alba Botanica Good & Clean Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser Towelettes ($6.99). It’s got witch hazel, and the other stuff mentioned earlier. I love the citrus grapefruit scent. And frankly, I just like keeping them in my bag for a quick pick-me-up. One side is rough-ish for exfoliating, the smooth side is for cleaning. Perf for when you’re too tired at the end of the day to wash your face or for after the gym. Dirty Secret: If you wear sandals or open toed shoes to work, slip them off and use one of the towelettes to revive and freshen your feet. Ahhhh.

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Alba Botanica Good & Clean Toxin Release Scrub (SRP $8.99). Crushed walnut’s in this scrub, digging deep to get out toxins and impurities that’ll clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Don’t fear, it’s safe for everyday use.

Alba Botanica Good & Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel (SRP $8.99). This is one of my favorite products in the collection. In less than 5 minutes, it deep cleans your skin. Don’t freak out if you see a pimple after using it, it’s like a vacuum cleaner—sucking out all the gunk your skin’s hiding.

You can find Alba Botanica’s Good & Clean line  in stores across the country.

PJ Gach is Managing Editor Spa Week Daily.


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