choose the wrong guy

The story tells the tale of Quinn Barton, living in Virginia, who, ten years ago almost married her high school sweetheart Burke Morrison.  Her dream wedding hit the proverbial “bump in the road” when the Best Man (and groom’s brother) Frank, decided it was his solemn duty to unleash the truth on Quinn moments before she was about to walk down the aisle. As it turns out, Burke had been cheating on her.

Left with the ultimate decision to make in a matter of mere minutes, Quinn does the only thing she can think of…She marches down the aisle, smacks Burke in the face, turns around and walks out of the church and out of Burke’s life forever…or so she thought.

Fast forward to present day, Quinn has her own business creating custom wedding dresses for other brides, ironic, huh? (Privately, I suppose those who can’t do teach? Or rather, those who can’t wed, make dresses for those who can?? – But I digress). It would appear that Quinn has fallen into a rut in the years following the Burke fiasco, and her bestie Glenn is there to rescue her. He devises a plan to break her out of her shell right around the same time that Burke and his brother Frank (the best man) return to town for another wedding.

Quinn now has the challenge of rediscovering and reinventing herself, while facing her demons and chance encounters with both of the Morrison brothers and their meddling grandmother. The story carries you through a rousing mix of emotions as Quinn fields her way through awkward situations, moments of passion and profound enlightenment. Beth Harbison paints the story and the characters in such a dynamic and relatable way, that you can feel each emotion and picture every scene as it unfolds. Definitely one of my new favorite books and one I would recommend anyone to read if you are looking for a light-hearted and fun story.

Reviewed by Melissa Rogers