Get silky soft skin with Daily Concepts’ Exfoliating Gloves.


Want to keep your skin healthy and glowing? Stop pores from clogging and prevent ingrown hairs? Then step away from the washcloth and slip on a pair of Daily Concepts Exfoliating Gloves ($18, They have a natural cotton base layer and were tested by a dermatologist. They’ve also been clinically tested and tested for allergens too. No animal was ever scrubbed by them! But what’s really wonderful about the gloves—aside from the fact that they’ll keep your skin healthy—is that they have a sell by date.


Okay, it’s not actually a sell by date; the label slowly fades with time and usage. When you can’t read the label anymore, that’s when it’s time to toss them. We’ve all been told time and time again, that you can’t hold onto your bath scrubbie for a long time. You’re supposed to toss your washcloth into the laundry bin after every use.  Loofah sponges, bath brushes, shower sponges, all of them can start to hold onto bad bacteria. Without a reminder to toss them out, every time you use one, you’re spreading icky bacteria all over you. EEEWWW. Since there are days when I’m lucky if I can remember my name, having an automatic and easy to figure out expiry reminder is a wonderful thing.

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That’s not the only cool thing about the Daily Concepts Exfoliating Gloves, they foam up with soap nicely, are gentle on your skin and really do help keep your complexion in the pink.

PJ Gach is the Managing Editor of Spa Week Daily.  

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