Kelly Harms’ debut novel, ‘The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane” was our first pick. Meet Kelly and learn how she created this warm, quirky and fun novel.


 Today at 3 PM ET, join us on our Facebook page for Spa Week Daily’s Book Club Chat with author Kelly Harms. Her debut novel, The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane is a joy to read. Well thought out characters, a gripping plot and lots of humor strewn throughout the pages.

The story’s about two women who may share a name, but they’re polar opposites. What happens when they meet-they both claim a multi-million dollar house as their own makes up the bulk of the tale.  One Janine Brown is street-wise and crafty, the other Janine Brown’s been hiding from life for years.

Harms started out on the other side of publishing: She was an editor at HarperCollins, then an agent with the Janet Rotrosen Agency.

So, come join us for the chat on Facebook at 3 PM ET today. Ask Kelly about her book, where she got her inspiration and what it’s like to work in publishing. 5 lucky participants will win a copy of her book.

See you on Facebook at 3 PM ET today!

PJ Gach is the Managing Editor of Spa Week Daily.


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