Looking for a gentle, but effective cleanser for blemished skin? Read on for our review of The Body Shop’s products.


If you love Junior Mints candy, then you’ll love the minty-fresh scent of Tea Tree Oil. It’s got that same crisp peppermint aroma that’s reviving and cool. If you don’t have Tea Tree Oil on your radar, it’s one of the few essential oils that can work as an antiseptic, antibiotic and antimicrobial (it kills germs). You can use it for a cold, to clean out a cut and heal a bug bite.

The Body Shop has just released their Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash ($12.50, thebodysop-usa.com). It won’t over dry your skin, but will remove impurities while it deeply cleanses your pores and make excess oil disappear. It’s gentle enough to use every day and some users have reported clearer, healthier looking skin in just three days.

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The Cool & Creamy Wash also contains Community Fair Trade Marula Oil from Namibia and Community Fair Trade Soya Oil from Brazil.

The Tea Tree Oil comes from the mountains of Kenya and is a Community Fair Trade ingredient. The Body Shop works with the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers Association. They encourage farmers to use sustainable and organic farming, which in turn supports the local ecology.

PJ Gach is the Managing Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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