In honor of Spa Week’s $50 Services, we asked the hardest working women we know—moms—to tell us their fave spa treatment. 

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Spa Week is back and so are $50 spa treatments! Our Hot Mom Spa Squad is pretty excited for the event. So, we had to ask what some of their favorite spa treatments are. From massages to facials and reflexology, our hot moms have a wide variety of preferences. But after catering to their kids day in and day out, they have one thing in common: They all love (and deserve) a day at the spa!

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Donna Biroczky1 Donna Biroczky, Dangerous Cupcake Designs

“I’d have to go with a massage. Facials, hot stone treatments, clay baths—I love them all! But there’s something about a massage that just hits the spot. It rejuvenates me and gets me refreshed so I can deal with all the things that moms have to worry about on a regular basis.”

Georgette Gilmore1 Georgette Gilmore, Editor in Chief, Barista Kids

“I recently experienced a compression therapy tension relief massage. I climbed into a compression therapy suit on a massage table–think of a body-sized blood pressure cuff–and it started squeezing and rolling all along my body. At the same time a massage therapist massaged my head, neck and shoulders.  I’ve been feeling amazing ever since.”

Elizabeth Pyo Elizabeth Pyo, Being MVP

“My favorite spa treatment is a deep tissue massage because after carrying around two tots all day, my back is in deep need for some relief.”

Nicole Hughes1

 Nicole Hughes, Founder/Editor, SoCal Savvy Mom

 “My favorite spa treatment is a massage with reflexology because it makes your entire body feel totally relaxed.”

Kia Morgan Smith1

 Kia Morgan-Smith, Editor, Cinco Mom

 “My favorite spa treatment is a foot massage. I absolutely adore getting my feet massaged and it’s actually more relaxing to me than a back massage. As a busy mom, I run around a lot with my kids and a foot massage is oh-so-soothing. It gets me on the right foot–literally!”


 Fatima, Baby Teems

 “My favorite spa treatment is a deep tissue massage. It’s a great stress and tension reliever as I relax my mind and muscles. I always feel like a new person afterwards.”

Trina Finton1

 Trina Finton, CEO/Founder, Gaming Mom

 “My favorite spa treatment has to be the hot stone massage. The heat is incredibly relaxing and I always feel better afterwards. It’s definitely my splurge treat!”


 Brianne Grajkowski, Creative Director, BriGeeski

 “My favorite spa treatment is a full body massage. It took me a little while to fully warm up to having a full body massage but now that I have, I find them to be so relaxing. I really enjoy getting a massage at a day spa so I can take a little extra time to be alone and enjoy the whole place. I find the calming music, fountains of water and zen-like decor to be so rewarding.”


 Kathleen Kennedy-Leon, Founder/Co-Owner, My Best of Both  Worlds

“My absolute favorite spa treatment is a deep tissue sports massage.  I play catcher for our softball team and love the firm pressure that is applied during these treatments along with the great stretches.”

Cassandra Looper1

 Cassandra Looper, Writer, So Cal Coupon Mommy

 “I love relaxing massages, however a good mani and pedi can be amazing too.”


Lisa Martin1

 Lisa Martin, My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings

 “A facial has to be my favorite spa treatment.  Why?  I always learn about new products for my face to help my skin look better (and younger!).”

Diane Sullivan1

 Diane Sullivan, Founder, 3 Decades 3 Kids

 “My favorite spa treatment is a facial. I love to treat my face to a bout of happiness!”

Kate Hamernik1

 Kate Hamernik, Catching Up With Kate

 “My favorite spa treatment is a facial.  The treatment always feels amazing, but it is really how it makes me feel for weeks after that makes it a favorite in my book!  I love how a facial helps keep my skin looking as young and clear as possible.  It is always an awesome hour having the treatment, but I love hearing, ‘Your skin looks awesome,’ afterwards!”

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Laura Knipping is the Special Projects Editor at Spa Week Daily.

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