Rejuvenate your skin at Clarins this Spa Week with a luxe $50 facial!

It’s time to book your Spa Week treatments! The Fall 2013 Event will take place from October 14-20. Spa Week is the perfect excuse to indulge–so this season, shop AND spa to your heart’s content at Clarins Spa (conveniently located inside Bloomingdales or Nordstrom department stores). Clarins is offering three exclusive facials at Spa Week’s signature $50 price tag.
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  • 50 Minute Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial with Total Eye Lift OR Lip Contouring Treatment Add-on
  • 50 Minute Brightening Performer with Total Eye Lift OR Lip Contouring Treatment Add-on
  • 50 Minute Moisture Replenisher with Total Eye Lift OR Lip Contouring Treatment      Add-on

Clarins Spa at Bloomingdales and Clarins Spa at Nordstrom Locations:

Clarins Spa – Arcadia:  626.294.1413
Clarins Spa – Newport Beach:  949.729.6675
Clarins Spa – Palo Alto:  650.463.2005
Clarins Spa – San Diego:  619.610.6431

Clarins Spa – Aventura:  305.792.1055
Clarins Spa – Coral Gables:  786.999.1313 (x1055)

Clarins Spa – Chicago:  312.464.1515 (x1427)

Clarins Spa – Newton:  617.630.6772

New York
Clarins Spa – New York City:  212.705.3985
Clarins Spa – White Plains:  914.684.6457
Clarins Spa – Garden City:  516.873.2819

Clarins Spa – Arlington:  703.415.1121

About Clarins Spa:

Born in France, Clarins has been a worldwide icon in the skincare industry for over 40 years. It’s no wonder that thousands of people trust Clarins Spas with their most personal skincare needs. During Spa Week, you can choose from three of Clarins luxury services without the luxury price tag.

If younger looking skin is what you seek, Clarins’ 50 Minute Anti-Aging Facial is your fountain of youth. This treatment begins with a skin analysis, followed by a complete anti-aging regimen. Perfect for any skin type! If you are plagued with uneven skin tone, Clarins’ 50 Minute Brightening Performer will be your savior. The combination of Clarins plant-based products (seven times stronger than retail products) and unique massage techniques creates an even skin tone in an impressive 50 minutes! Seasonal transition can do a number on our skin. That’s where Clarins’ 50 minute Moisture Replenisher comes in. Perfect for that rough time  between seasons, the Moisture Replenisher works to rehydrate and nourish skin to restore its natural radiance.

Plus, with each of these facials you can choose from one of two add-ons. The Total Eye Lift starts with lymphatic drainage around the eye  and then an application of Clarins Total Eye Lift Concentrate to make the area around the eyes appear brighter. The Lip Contouring Treatment combines pure plant extracts and Clarins unique application methods to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the lips. Clarins has a treatment perfect for each individuals skincare needs!

Call the Clarins location nearest you directly to book your appointment today! And don’t forget to mention that you watched the video to redeem your special gift.

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.


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