Our Hot Mom Spa Squad tells us why they’re counting down the days to$50 services during Fall Spa Week.


We bet every woman can think of a thousand reasons to treat themselves this Spa Week. Some of us want to relax, while others are looking to relieve aches and pains, or receive a fabulous beauty treatment. One thing we all have in common is that going to the spa makes us happy and we feel better about ourselves. The touching responses we received from our Hot Moms have us wanting to hit the spa right now!

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Emily Dickey 1 Emily Dickey, BabyDickey

 “I go to the spa simply to save my sanity! I’m a mom of two toddlers and the spa is the BEST getaway for some much needed rest and relaxation.”

Jeanine Ludwikowski 1 Jeanine Ludwikowski, Mommy Entourage

 “I spa because I’m always on the go and would never take time to unwind if I didn’t schedule it myself.  After spending some time at the spa, I’m refreshed, have more energy for my kids and work, and sleep better!  It is important to care for and treat yourself to continue to feel great and look your best!”

Maggie Smith 1 Maggie Smith, Dexter’s Super Savvy Mommy

 “I spa because I am a woman, wife, mother, employee and friend.  I have a lot of stress in my life and by taking care of me and getting some relaxation from time to time, I find that I am a better person all around!”

Charmin 1 Charmin Calamaris, The Momiverse

 “I’m a busy mom who runs a business from home, has two active little boys and a husband who travels frequently for work. While my mission through TheMomiverse.com is to encourage other moms to take care of themselves, I’m sometimes guilty of pushing myself too hard for too long. Going to the spa is a treat. Moms don’t always have the luxury of time, but we do need to fit time for ourselves into our calendars. Whether that scheduled time is for exercise, reading a book, taking a nap, calling a friend, or going to the spa, such moments are necessary for our health and well-being. The question is not ‘To spa or not to spa?’ but rather it’s ‘When do I spa?’ Make yourself a priority and fit spa time into your schedule. Your mind, body and soul will thank you. A happy mom makes a happy family.”

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Dawn Smith 1 Dawn Smith, Not Just A Mommy 

 “As a mom of elementary and middle school boys, a full-time student and blogger, I seriously have no ‘me time.’ But it’s hard to overcome mom guilt to even have ‘me time’ because I feel I should be doing something else. And then I turn that voice off and say, “I love to spa…even if I only get to maybe once a year for my birthday or Mother’s Day.”

Stephanie Anderson 1 Stephanie Anderson, Modern Day Donna Reed

“I spa because it makes me a better person. Sound extreme? Maybe it is, but when I entered the realm of motherhood a few years ago, my priorities changed. I started putting my daughters first. I couldn’t eat, sleep, shower or pee if it wasn’t part of their schedule. Until one day I looked in the mirror and realized that while it was good to put my family first, I was doing everyone a disservice by putting myself LAST. I was haggard. I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. I was overtired. Moms struggle to take time out for themselves. But friends, when we take time out for US, it makes us BETTER for everyone else: our spouses, our kids, our friends, our communities. When we have those few moments to unwind and relax (maybe even indulge!), we have a chance to reenergize and refocus. When I spa, it helps me look at the world fresh again. And I know I am better for it!”

Sheila Hill Sheila Hill, Founder and Creator, Pieces of a Mom

 “For me, spa-ing is another means of taking care of myself. Just as I eat well and exercise, indulging in spa treatments is a way of maintaining my health and well-being. Relieving my tension with massages and caring for my skin with facials are just my ways of paying attention to the ‘outside’ me.”

Nicole Kempka Nicole R. Kempka, Red Lotus Mama

 “Spa time is ‘me time.’ It gives me a chance to decompress from the stress of single motherhood, working and dating. It is a chance to give my body some much deserved attention.”

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Ava Roxanne 1 Ava Roxanne Stritt, Freelance Writer, Spa Travel Gal

 “I take time to spa because spa, travel and skincare experiences are a not a luxury, but they’re essential to a healthy body and mind. Also, if mom does not get her Zen time then no one is happy!”

 Chelsea Day 1 Chelsea Day, Someday I’ll Learn

 “I spa because I spend the REST of my time juggling! Whether it’s work, kids or the house, us moms spend a lot of time taking care of other issues. We need to remember to pamper ourselves once in a while.”

CarissaRogers Jan 2012 SMALL Carissa Rogers, GoodNCrazy

 “My favorite time to head to a spa is at the beginning of ‘back to school’ time. Nothing shouts ‘GO GET A PEDICURE’ more than sending the kids off on a school bus! Alone time when your mommy-brain needs it most.”

Denise Wei-Vital 1 Denise Wei-Vital, Boyz Rule Our World

“I love to spa because I can get away from all my daily stresses AKA my husband and son! I love having the knots rubbed out and falling asleep. It’s really my Calgon ‘Take me away moment.’”

Laura Knipping is the Special Projects Editor at Spa Week Daily.

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