housesit-COVER-PromoimageWeb2If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a mansion (let’s be honest, who doesn’t!), a penthouse apartment, or in a big beach house, but don’t have the funds, would you live in one of those places if they paid you? If you loved that last statement, then you should read Todra Payne’s e-Book  The House Sitter’s Guide: How to Borrow Luxury Homes.

Payne, a professional makeup artist and writer and her boyfriend, a professional photographer, have been house sitting for years. The two of them have lived in luxurious homes in Hollywood, beach homes in Santa Monica, a one bedroom condo in Philadelphia, and more. Each time they’ve house sit, they’ve been paid for it too. Neither of them has had to give up their day job to take care of the domicile they’re in, nor curtail their activities while house sitting. House sitting can be lucrative and fun. It’s not just for seniors or people starting out in their careers.

In her eBook, Payne explains how to get a house sitting job, expectations, benefits and cautions. A perfect example of house sitting that can work within someone’s lifestyle is to housesit when on vacation. Instead of spending money on a hotel, find a house sitting position in the city or country that you’re visiting and there’s more money for dinners out or day trips.

She also goes into detail on how to create a contract that protects both parties, yes, it’s important to have a written contract that details obligations and more from both the house sitter and house owner. Otherwise, you could end up paying for something you didn’t break. Payne’s own contract runs about 12 pages.

Writing an introductory email can be a daunting task, Payne provides examples of her own and painstakingly goes through the steps on how create and craft an introductory email that will get results. She gives tips on interviewing, how to get the gig, and how to spot potential red flags.

Payne’s book covers all the bases: Everything on how to handle last minute cancellations, how to deal with nosy neighbors, what you should do if an owner’s relative shows up unexpectedly and more. Payne also lists house sitting sites, breaks them down and describes their positives and negatives.

If spending a month in France is something on your bucket list, or you’ve been thinking about moving cross country, but not sure if you want to commit, or need a place to regroup after a breakup, or need a quiet place to finish you book/film/painting, then being a professional house sitter might be your next step.

Payne’s e-book can be downloaded from