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Photo by Gnaphron via

Photo by Gnaphron via

Who doesn’t like to feel in the know about the rich and famous? If the public weren’t so obsessed, paparazzi would be out of jobs and sites like Perez Hilton and magazines like Us Weekly would all cease to exist. Luckily for those entities, it looks like we’re all hooked. Spa Week Daily is your go-to for the down low on the celebrity spa scene. During Spa Week you, too can afford to see and be seen at these very same locations—even treat yourself to a $50 service while you’re there! Without further ado, here are this season’s locales where you can spa like a celeb:

Ling Skin Care – New York, NY

Conveniently located right outside of Union Square, Ling Skin Care is a celebrity hotspot. A bursting handful of Hollywood’s most famous faces go to Ling to keep their skin smooth and perfected. When she’s not busy starring as a tough heroine in blockbuster hits like The Help and Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain embraces her feminine side and keeps her skin in prime condition at the spa with a peel. Always flawless-faced Cameron Diaz also hits up this location for facials.

Spa Week $50 Deal: Keep your skin silky smooth at Ling Skincare this Spa Week with a 45 Minute Energy Infusion Lift Facial Treatment with Papaya Peel.

Jurlique – Santa Monica, CA

When she’s not on set playing devious Charlotte on the hit drama Revenge, Christa B. Allen keeps her skin looking fresh at Jurlique’s flagship spa in Santa Monica. She indulges in the 50 Minute Signature Revitalizing Facial—and if you do the same this Spa Week you’ll get to try Jurlique’s newest must-have product, the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. Jump on the Jurlique skincare bandwagon and you’ll be sitting next to the likes of Leonard DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Kidman. Nothing to scoff at there!

Spa Week $50 Deal: Love your skin with a 50 Minute Signature Revitalizing Facial, including new Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum!

Nival Salon and Spa at the Collection – Chevy Chase, MD

The secret’s out—we know where editorial powerhouse Anna Wintour tends to that classic bob. She keeps her signature ‘do looking fierce with blowouts at Nival Salon and Spa at the Collection. And she’s not the only power player that does so—you may also spot Cynthia Nixon or Mandy Moore relaxing in the blowout chair.

Spa Week $50 Deal: Have a special dinner or occasion during Spa Week? It’s only fair to your strands that you treat your hair to a revitalizing Shampoo and Blowout at Nival.

Veronica Skin & Body Care Center – Malibu, CA

Jeremy Piven may have retired from the days of playing stressed out Hollywood agent Ari Gold on Entourage, but the role must have had lasting effects on his skin—he’s still treating himself to Omnilux Light Facials at swanky spa location Veronica Skin & Body Care. Another A-lister that enlists the help of light treatments at Veronica to help her turn back time? None other than the crooner who coined that phrase, Cher herself.

Spa Week $50 Deal: Rejuvenate and stimulate tired skin at Veronica Skin & Body Care with a truly effective 50 Minute Omnilux Plus Anti-Aging Facial.

Physical Advantage – New York, NY

Massage is one of our favorite ways to de-stress and unwind—and that’s not just a spa-insider tip. Famed NFL running back Tiki Barber also works out his kinks with professional sports massages. You know what they say: When you find out where ex-New York Giants player Tiki Barber goes to get a sports massage, you book an appointment ASAP. If it’s good enough for someone who puts their body through what Barber does, you know this place is legit!

Spa Week $50 Deal: Give your body a good, professional kneading with a 60 Minute Sports Massage at Physical Advantage this fall.

Thai Sabai – Los Angeles, CA

Keifer Sutherland may be past the days of playing high profile Counter Terrorist Jack Bauer on 24, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less busy. With three films set to hit the big screen in 2014, Sutherland still makes sure to schedule time to relax–he frequents Thai Sabai for a Traditional Thai Massage to get the knots out. Sutherland isn’t the only A-list actor who enjoys this treatment! Hollywood’s most famous hobbit, Eljiah Wood, also enjoys Thai Massage at Thai Sabai.

Spa Week $50 Deal: Treat yourself to the very same service as some of your favorite actors with a 90 Minute Traditional Thai Massage with Reflexology.

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