The Spa Week staff is obsessed with Jurlique, and we want you to know why.


Here at Spa Week HQ, we just can’t get enough of Jurlique. And it’s not just because Jurlique is the Exclusive Skincare Sponsor of this fall’s Spa Week Event. Or because our favorite celebs also use the products (cough, Leo). Jurlique’s skincare line is delicate on sensitive skin, is made from the best natural ingredients and it really works! If you haven’t tried them yet, we’d definitely recommend picking one up and feeling the magic for yourself. Besides, now’s the time, because you can get 15% off on when you use the code SPAWEEK. Here’s the rundown of the Spa Week staffer’s favorites:

Kaitlin, Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream


“I’ve actually been keeping mine in the fridge, and it’s a great pick me up! It definitely makes my skin smoother and adds a little glow. I actually just bought another one for my mom!”

Brynn, Herbal Recovery Gel


“This smells awesome and has perked up my skin! I use it in the morning and at night before moisturizer. I have sensitive skin and it seems to be making a difference.”

Laura, Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask


“This was such a soothing and calming mask, I almost forgot I had it on! It forced me to relax for ten minutes and when I took it off my skin felt so smooth!”

Melissa J., Skin Balancing Face Oil


“I have really embarrassingly dry skin–and Jurlique’s Skin Balancing Face Oil has kept my face soft and hydrated ALL day! I only need a few drops of it to do the trick. Long lasting moisture and a product I won’t run through fast–definitely worth every penny!”

Melissa R., Rosewater Balancing Mist

“I absolutely love using this mist. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling refreshed at any time of day. After using this mist, I can feel my skin breathing in more oxygen and soaking up any serum and moisturizer that I apply after. Definitely a must!”

Arielle, Soothing Foaming Cleanser


“I have super sensitive skin that is easily irritated, so I’m always worried about trying new products. However, Jurlique did not disappoint one bit! I love this cleanser—it’s so light, smells delicious and doesn’t bother my skin at all. Perfect for use with a Clarisonic. I love this skin care line so much I’ve since purchased a few of the other products, too!”

Kelly, Daily Exfoliating Cream


“Imagine squeezing oatmeal out of a tube but instead of eating it, rubbing it generously all over your face. That’s exactly what the Daily Exfoliating Cream is. With natural ingredients like almonds, oats and oatbran to name a few, this gentle concoction is the perfect recipe for cleansing and balancing my dry skin (without over-drying it). I recommend mixing it in with your daily cleanser for an extra clean wash. ”

There you have it, rave reviews from some very skincare obsessed people. Great news–right now on, you can enter for a chance to win a year’s worth of Jurlique! I can tell you one thing…I’m going to be SO jealous of that winner! ENTER NOW

Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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