All of the top national and local media outlets want to make sure you know where and when to get a $50 deal.


It’s true…we’ve reached out to tons of media in the past few weeks—alerting the journalists, paparazzi and whoever else of where we’ll be (spas all across the US), and when we’ll be there (Oct. 14-20). Take our picture! It’s not that we’re vain; we just think everyone should know about how amazing we are. It’s only moral and fair to get the word out to good people like yourselves about something as beneficial and affordable as $50 spa treatments.

We know you saw us in People here…but did you catch any of these other awesome mentions?

Family Circle agrees with us—fall is the BEST time to book a spa appointment.

FamilyCircle_Fall2013 tells readers the hottest spots to get their hot stone massages this October.


Did you see us on We hope you entered the contest in time to win a gift card!


Austin Monthly tells readers when and where they can indulge without breaking the bank this month.


Total Beauty helped us make sure that every beauty-obsessed woman out there knows that October 14-20 is the time to hit the spa.


Chicago girls know what’s up this Spa Week…because they read the scoop on one of our favorite sites, Refinery29.


The Sun Sentinel gives readers a peek into the must-have treatments in Fort Lauderdale this season.

SunSentinel_Fall2013 highlighted the top participating locations throughout this spa-infused state.


There’s still time—you can book a $50 treatment near you for Spa Week! Check us out on today.

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Arielle Sidrane is the Associate Editor of Spa Week Daily.

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