Trifecta Med Spa’s signature Trifecta Four-Layer Facial is an international hit!

 trifecta med spa

What could be better than a spa treatment that relaxes you while it makes your skin look radiant? Trifecta Med Spa of Manhattan and Long Island has a facial so spectacular that Cosmopolitan UK raved about it. The magazine said that their Signature Four-Layer Facial is “the best facial of the century.”

 The facial harnesses the healthy benefits of seaweed to rehydrate, soothe and plump out your skin.   The first step of the facial, after cleansing, involves seaweed, then a stimulating yet relaxing facial massage that boosts skin’s elasticity. Up next is more seaweed and a cooling face mask. This increases hydration.  The last step or layer is a warming mineral mask. This promotes seaweed’s healing properties.

This signature facial sounds incredibly enticing, but it’s even better when you experience it for yourself! Trifecta’s Signature Four-Layer Facial is both calming for the body and mind, invigorating, and an incredible anti-aging skin service.

Only during Spa Week can you treat yourself to this decadent facial for $50.  Trifecta Med Spa is also offering these two other spectacular treatments:  $50 45 Min Photofacial Laser Rejuvenation Treatment and the $50 45 Min META Therapy- Anti-Aging Micro-Needling Treatment.

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