Look years younger with a CACI facelift at Facelift of the Stars!


An instant facelift sounds pretty far-fetched, but at Facelift of the Stars in Richardson, TX, they make it a reality. They use Computer Aided Cosmetology Instruments (CACI) for safe, noninvasive and painless skin-lifting treatments that provide results as effective as a surgical facelift. Celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are turning to CACI as an alternative to surgeries, fillers and injections. It was originally used to re-energize muscles in athletes and stroke and burn victims, but it also lifts the skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Although the CACI facial is results based, it’s still a facial and can be extremely relaxing too. If you have specific problem areas, you can add on treatments like a neck or eye lift and contour, a peel, aromatherapy scalp massage or lip treatment.

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Here are the age-defying facials Facelift of the Stars is offering this Spa Week, October 14-20. Book your appointment now!

50 Min CACI Non-Surgical Facelift Facial

50 Min CACI Collagen Facial

50 Min Pumpkin Facial

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